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SMA SUNNY TRIPOWER 20000TLEE-10 Grid Tie Inverter

Sunny Tripower 20000TLEE-10, 3 Phase, AC380/400V
Peak performance and technological perfection at a significantly reduced specific price: the new Sunny Tripower TL Economic Excellence is the next logical step in the development of the Sunny Tripower series in terms of achieving an optimum price-performance ratio.

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183 505,00 ฿

On sale On sale!

SMA/SUNNY TRIPOWER 15000TL-20000TL ราคาโรงงานSMA/SUNNY TRIPOWER 15000TL-20000TL Datasheet

 Note : ° Prices are inclusive of duty, shipping in Bangkok.

° SMA 5 Years factory warranty applied to all items

° Prices are subjected to change without prior notice

° Delivery may vary between 3 to 45 days.

ราคาเครื่องละ 171,500 บาท (ยังไม่รวม Vat7%) 





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